At Covington Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute, we will help you determine whether you are a candidate for total hip replacement surgery.
Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which diseased parts of the hip joint are removed and replaced with artificial new parts.

Hip Joint Problems

The hip joint can become arthritic due to osteoarthritis (“wear and tear” arthritis), hip dysplasia, rheumatoid arthritis, injury (posttraumatic arthritis) and avascular necrosis. In hip replacement surgery, the goal is to improve the patient’s mobility by relieving pain and increasing the hip joint’s function.

Before considering a total hip replacement, your doctor may try other treatment options, such as medication, walking aids or other non-surgical methods such as physical therapy.

About Hip Replacement

In the past, hip replacement was primarily an option for people over the age of 60. However, in recent years, younger, more active patients have also found success with hip replacement. Generally, a person’s overall health and activity level are better indicators for hip replacement surgery candidacy than the patient’s age.

If you are a younger, more active patient, you may also be a candidate for hip resurfacing, an alternative to traditional total hip replacement which involves the removal of less bone. Our orthopedic surgeons will discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with you, and help you determine which option is best for you.

I had a total hip replacement by Dr. Darr and I am close to 100% improvement. I can walk without limping and with almost no pain at all from time of surgery. Dr. Darr showed great concern for my health and was very comforting to know that as a Christian believer that he prayed prayer was important before surgery. Dr. Darr was excellent and I would recommend him to anyone.
Charles T., March 21st, 2014

Dr. Darr performed my right and left hip surgery. Before my surgeries, I could barely walk and I was in constant pain. My new hips were life changing and my pain is gone now. Dr. Darr is the very best, I would not go to anyone else. His staff is very helpful and they make you feel like part of a family.
Hip Patient

Dr. Darr is a very special person and the hospital stay was great. I have already told a few people about how fortunate I was to be under his care. I am continuing to share my experience with others.
Sylvia D., February 27, 2014


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