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How long will it take to receive my ALCAT Test Results?
Results are usually available within 5 -10 business days.
Is this a food allergy test?
The ALCAT Test is NOT a food allergy test. It is designed to test for intolerances, which have a delayed reaction.
Is the ALCAT Test covered by insurance?
In most cases, it is not.
Is this a blood test?
Is fasting required before taking the ALCAT Test?
What do the asterisks on the ALCAT Test results mean?
An asterisk represents your mild intolerances.
What do the blue boxes on the ALCAT Test results mean?
The blue boxes include items that should be removed from the diet due to reactions with other items.
I know I have an allergy to a food. Why is it on my acceptable food list/Green Column?
This is due to the fact that the ALCAT Test detects sensitivities/intolerances and NOT allergies.
How much support is available after testing, with Dr. Darr and the l or ALCAT lab?
Dr. Darr will review your post test results and you will also have an opportunity to access a 30 minute post test review with the lab.
Where do I have my Sample drawn?
Our trained phlebotomist will draw the sample from the arm.